XCr Disc Chain Stay, Road &

XCr Disc Chain Stay, Road 'S' Bend 24OV x 450, NO SMASH


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Life Disc Chain Stay, Road 'S' Bend 24OV x 450 x 0.9/0.7, XCr Stainless Steel.
This is supplied with 2 drive side parts, so there is no flat mount smash.
This is a handmade product; the weight is approximate and may vary between batches.
Sold as a pair. Weight is per pair.

150mm taper - Road Disc bend - SX is left side code
  • Family: XCr
  • Type: CS
  • OD: 24
  • Profile: 0.9
  • Length: 450
  • Bend: Road Disc Bend
  • Y:
  • Z: 15°
  • Taper Length: 150
  • Tip: 16
  • Oval: 16 x 30
  • Weight: 445g

About XCR

Stainless, Seamless, Performance
  • The jewel of the crown, top-range tube set
  • The only biphasic stainless seamless tube family available in the cycling industry
  • Tripled & Double butted tube reinforces
  • High corrosion resistance in long-term periods in every use and weather condition
  • Seamless-technology, improved stiffness and mechanical properties
  • Reduced thickness, up to 0.4mm for an extremely reduced weight
  • Exceptional resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking
  • No need to be painted or clear-coated after polishing
  • Ultra-smooth surface (Ra<0,4)
  • Excellent weldability
  • Made in Italy