Technical and Moral Support Remote Consultation

Technical and Moral Support Remote Consultation


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$75 Per 30 Minute Session.


Need help planning your next build? Have questions about processes or tool set up? Inquire with Metal Guru and we will share our knowledge of bicycle manufacturing with you.

With over 25 years of bike building experience, we can clear up any questions you have about the process, from dialing in your new welder to expanding the capabilities of your shop.

Book a 30 minute appointment and supply us with the topics or questions you would like to discuss on your call

Once your consultation is reserved, you will receive an email to schedule your discussion. Our business hours for consultation are 10am-2pm EST business days.

Some Examples of topics we can assist you with are:

  • machine set up
  • best practices
  • finding the correct material for your application
  • planning a new shop space
  • sourcing equipment
  • the best places to curl up in your shop and cry

We would be happy to answer any frame building questions you may have. To book an appointment add this item to your cart. Let's start a conversation.