Sputnik Tool, Thru-Axle H-Tools
Sputnik Tool, Thru-Axle H-Tools

Sputnik Tool, Thru-Axle H-Tools


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Sputnik Tool Thru-Axle H Tools.

Set includes two heads and one handle.

Every frame should have its dropouts aligned during its construction. That has always been easy using the Campy or Park H-tools every builder had. But today with the new thru axle standard and multiple axle widths nothing has been available to do the job that needs to be done. The Sputnik Tool H-tools are designed specifically for thru axle bikes. Anodized Aluminum cones adjust from between 135-200mm on stainless steel bars bolted in the dropouts. A long heavy cheater bar slides over the outside of the dropout and gives a lot of leverage to move the drops into position. 10mm bolts allow the tool to also be used on 10mm dropouts with spacing 135mm or greater.