SLX Seat Tube, 28.6 x 635

SLX Seat Tube, 28.6 x 635


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SLX Seat Tube, 28.6 x 635 x 0.8/0.6, Omnicrom.
This is a handmade product; the weight is approximate and may vary between batches.
Butting profile has an additional 0.2 of helicoidal reinforcement.

  • Family: SLX
  • Type: ST
  • OD: 28.6
  • Profile: 0.80.6
  • Length: 635
  • Butt 1: 150
  • Taper 1: 50
  • Center: 435
  • Weight: 290g

About SLX

SLX The epic & unique Spiral-Butted
  • The legendary tube set now equipped with the most updated steel alloy
  • Omnicrom modern performance, classic specs 100% loyal to the origins
  • Special Spiral-Butted reinforces for Chain Stays, Seat Tube, Downtube
  • The most performing tube set ever for lugged-frames
  • Spiral reinforces add extra-stiffness in the BB area
  • Completed by the un-topped quality and specs of Columbus SL Top Tube, Seat Stays and Fork
  • Ridden by more than 20 Pro-Tour teams over the ‘90s

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