Sloping Top Tube Road OS Lug Set, 36 HT

Sloping Top Tube Road OS Lug Set, 36 HT


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This Allotec oversize road lug set has angles to create a frame with a 6 degree sloping top tube. It utilizes a 36mm head tube to fit a 1-1/8" steer fork.

The set accommodates oversize road tubing including, 31.8mm down tube, 28.6 top tube and 28.6 seat tube, making this an ideal choice for use with either the Columbus "Life" or "Spirit for Lugs" tube set.

Their are two bottom bracket options available, one with 30x17 oval found HERE and one with 22.2 round chain stay sockets found HERE.

Allotec Down Lug
Tube: DT 31.8 x HT 36m
Angle: 60˚
Wt.: 30g

Allotec Top Lug
Tube: TT 28.6 x HT 36mm
Angle: 79˚

Wt.: 30g

Allotec Seat Lug
Tube: TT 28.6 x ST 28.6mm
Angle: 79˚
Wt.: 55g

A front Triangle tube kit is available HERE.

3 piece set.
Made in Taiwan.